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Wonderful Women Wednesday

A amazing group of women from all walks of life getting together to sail! I had the pleasure to participate in this all women sailing group. We learned the basics of sailing all while learning about each other. Great fun and I learned a ton about sailing can’t wait till next year!

Brenna Mack

Fantastic Experience for our Kids

Both of our kids have been involved in sailing camp, and our son who is 7 absolutely thrived. He is constantly asking when sailing camp will be again, and if he can go. The teachers are great, and the work with children at their skill level to make it a fun and challenging experience.

Justin Handley

We highly recommend Rincon Sailing to everyone!

We just loved to sail with Rincon Sailing. Jeanne was/is a great instructor with a authentic passion for sailing and meeting new people. We sure learned a lot in a short time. Wished we could have stayed longer. We highly recommend Rincon Sailing to everyone. It’s fun and great value for your money, and we would love to come back.

Dorthe and Fritz, Denmark

It’s a part of my life now

I’ve been with Rincon Sailing for about eight years now, and I’ve gotta say, I am proud and grateful that I have. It’s shown me what I can do and demonstrated what I should do. I have matured as a person and as a human being while having one heck of a time. Love you Rincon Sailing!

Julian Latoni


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