The mission of Rincón Sailing is to connect people of all ages, skills, and means to the waters of Puerto Rico. Rincón Sailing, through educational and recreational sailing programs, hopes to stimulate personal growth and an enduring respect and enjoyment of the sea.


  • Operate a safe and organized sailing program
  • Offer a focused curriculum and stress the importance of safe boating skills
  • Promote sailing as a lifelong activity
  • Emphasize the stewardship and preservation of our local coastal environment. Rincón Sailing invites you to sail for recreation as well as competitively. With a focus on the future, Rincón Sailing hopes to help identify future Puerto Rico International competitors and Olympic hopefuls. Rincón Sailing will provide the community an opportunity to experience sailing.


With small class size and individual attention, the Rincón Sailing curriculum emphasizes water safety, wind awareness, boat handling, and seamanship. Decision making, leadership, and respect for the local marine environment are also highlighted. Rincón Sailing offers graduated educational formats beginning with learn to sail, intermediate and advanced racing. No matter what level sailor, safety, fun, and learning independence is the forefront of the curriculum.



Under the visionary leadership of Jeanne and Jeff Sinclair, kids and adults started sailing out of the Black Eagle Marina in coastal Rincón in fall of 2007. SInce it’s inception, our business has been mobile, with boats on trailers.

Jeanne and Jeff Sinclair first visited Rincón in February 2006. They had just delivered a 50’ sail boat to Antigua after crossing the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Jeanne and Jeff are both United States Coast Guard Captains and have been sailing for years. Jeanne has worked in the sailing industry since 1994 as a sailing instructor, coach and a director of sailing programs for many clubs.

The Sinclair’s didn’t move to Rincón immediately. They kept coming back for longer visits. With each visit the desire grew to move to Rincón permanently and to start a sailing school. They purchased a 4 acre piece of property and moved here in March 2007.

The Sinclair’s chose 2 Sunfish for Rincón Sailing’s first boats. It is a perfect boat for learning to sail. It is easy to rig, very stable and available all over the island. Lessons began in Fall of 2007, and Summer 2008 was the first Summer Youth Sailing Camp. Every year Rincón Sailing has grown “poco a poco” or “little by little”. Currently Rincón Sailing has over 15 boats and offers year-round bilingual lessons to children and adults.

We’d like to thank the local community and all of our visitors for the continued support over the years. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Jeanne, Jeff, Zee & Freya Sinclair