CANCELLATION – RINCON SAILING and its employees will do everything to ensure a Lesson, is provided, however employees have the right to cancel any reservation at any time. Current or impending weather, waves, poor launching conditions at the ramp, or any other additional factor will be taken into consideration to determine a cancellation.

EQUIPMENT RECOVERIES & DAMAGES – Before signing out equipment it is important to listen to the Instructor regarding safe boating techniques, water conditions, and potential hazards each time you go out. While Instructors will make every effort to assess your abilities and water conditions it is the responsibility of the user signing the equipment out to know what types of equipment and what conditions he/she can handle safely. Our Instructors constantly patrol & survey the coast so should you need assistance or even rescue it will be done in a timely manner. Equipment recoveries and damages that are due to operator error may be assessed a $150 Recovery Fee and the price of any Damages.

GRATUITIES – Gratuities for exceptional services rendered are never expected but always appreciated by our hard working Rincon Sailing Team.